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Our Favourite Health Radio Interviews


Dr. Dee Hoyano: Flu Shots and Immunization
Dr. Natalie Strand: Winning the Amazing Race With Type 1 Diabetes
Adam Maas: What's Happening Globally in the Health Market
Kabir Bath: Kaboom Mixed Martial Arts
Dr. Renee Bovelle: Chronic Dry Eye
Mark Schatzker: Ractopamine
Jean-Paul Gravel: Stress
Daniel Beach: Social Lite Vodka
Karlene Karst: Sea-Licious: Importance of Eating Omega-3s
Marisa van der Horst: Fizz Bath Bombs
Aeryon Ashlie: Bulimia Eating Disorder
Peter Breederland: Gojoy Berries
Neil Thanedar: Lab Door
Julia Murray: Jules Fuel
Michael Menashy: Tea Sparrow
Amy White: Life Coach Mental Health Advocate
Angie Bhandal: Salt Wellness Centre
Anthony Ortiz: SmartPlate
Yohannes Petros: Hanes Hummus
Don Romano: CEO Hyundai Canada - Fuel Cell Vehicles
Skye Natasha Lintott: MySkyeBerryPie.com
Kathy Smart: Organika
Marshall Rader: The Gluten Free Bar
Stephen Cheung: NuPasta
Kevin Rose: Wild Garden Hummus
Ryan Youngman: Wonderfully Raw
Dino Sarti: Aloe Gloe
Sarah Clarke: Free Yumm Allergen Friendly Foods
Matt Merson: Boxed Water Is Better
Rosemarie Pierce: Holistic Pharmacist
Neal Brothers: Neal Brothers Food
Happy Baby Cheeks: Cloth Diaper Service
Flora Health: Udo's Oil
Zachary Berman: The Juice Truck
Jose Hendo: Eco Fashion Designer
Bridgitte Longshore: Giddy YoYo
Green Sisters: On The Red Carpet
Darcy Diehl: Lippy Girl Make-Up
Power Plant Whole Foods: Pumpkin Protein
Randy Gomm: Radiant Health Saunas
Sandor Katz: Wild Fermentation
Chris Kilham: Medicine Hunter
Andra Lemandt: The Mrs
Vanessa and Fallon: GoodFooditude.com
Nirmala Raniga: Chopra Addiction & Wellness Center
Elena Cecchetto: Homeopath
Amanda Lord: Liv Smart 360 Chocolates
Victoria Wong: Viva Skincare
Neelam Toprani: Sewanti Ayurvedic Researcher Formulator
Dr. Randall Trester: Chiropractic Specialist
Chad Yuri: Smart Klean Canada
Dr. Tim Bilkey: ADHD
Liz Pearson: Broccoli Love and Dark Chocolate
Karen ODonnell: Odd Kid Out
Adam Hart: Power of Food with Jackie Oord
Cheryl Grant: Vitality Health Products
Donna Galbraith: Wobenzym Digestive Enzyme Support\
Naomi Wolfman: Embrace Continence Solutions
Lisa Kilgour: RHN Nature's Fare: Gut Health & Bacteria
Jordan Rogers: Lloyd James Raw Food Broker
Brad King: Dirty Diets
Mark Nagar: WR-Mattress: The Importance of Sleep
Zeineen Panju: Children's Sex Education
Aeryin Ashlie: SDPharma
Mommy Loves Maddy: Eco Baby Products
Dr.Taz Bhatia: A Dr Oz Sharecare Expert
Savannah Grace: I Grew My Boobs in China
Maureen McGrath: Food for the Libido - CKNW980
Madeleine Shaw: G Day For Girls
U-B-Livin-Smart: Fraser Valley Food Show
Otimo Brazilian Cheese Puffs: Fraser Valley Food Show
Wise Bites: Fraser Valley Food Show
Salt Spring Sea Salt: Fraser Valley Food Show
Granola Girl: Fraser Valley Food Show
Marie's Guilt Free Bakery: Fraser Valley Food Show
Morgan 11 Year Old: Fraser Valley Food Show
Fire Belly Sauce: Fraser Valley Food Show
Cooking Essence: Fraser Valley Food Show
Happy Days Dairy: Fraser Valley Food Show
Jump Up and GoGo: Fraser Valley Food Show
Prosnack: Fraser Valley Food Show
Candace Macalino: Fraser Valley Food Show
Candace Macalino: Natures Path
Adam Hart: Power of Food
Silvio Lettrari: Kaslo Sourdough Pasta
Alyssa Lang: Mikei Red Reishi
Dr. Brad Matthews: Mikei Red Reishi
Susan Wener: Resilience Fighting Cancer
Marcus Guiliano: Truth In Menu
Areli Hermanson: Adrenal Fatigue
Areli Hermanson: Antioxidants
Areli Hermanson: Pomme Natural Market
Dini Petty: Celebrity Series: Menopause
Michael Bentley: SierraSil‏
Dr Andrea Brandt: Mindful Anger
Krista Brown: Healing With Horses
Chip Fisher: Fisher Wallace Stimulator
Dr. Alister Frayne: Honeybush Tea
Kathy Smart: Organika and Gluten Free
John Roulade: Nutiva
Chuck Marcy: So Delicious Dairy Free
Bottle Green and Shloer Drinks:Tree of Life
Abraham Gusman: Rise Kombucha Drink
Natasha Vandenhurk: Three Farmers Camelina Oil
Melody Leskun: Diabetic Footcare
Melody Leskun: Home Health Care
Brendan Brazier: Thrive Energy Cookbook 2
Brendan Brazier: Thrive Energy Cookbook 1
W. Brett Wilson: Celebrity Series
Dr Janet Taylor: Celebrity Series
Sean Millington: Celebrity Series
Tricia Sedgwick: New Year, New You
Dr. Estella Sneider: How Our Past Affects Our Future
Dr. Estella Sneider: Hormones
Dr. Karen Osburn: 7 Steps of Managing Holiday Stress
Dr. Cobi Slater: Top 10 Nutritional Tips
Dr. Cobi Slater: Food Allergies
Dr. Cobi Slater: Hormones
Chat with Audience: Ken
Chat with Audience: Various Women
Chat with Audience: Janice
Chat with Audience: Ray
Dr Karen Osburn: 7 Habits of Healthy People
Suzanne Laurine Seale: Skin Care
Suzanne Laurine Seale: Aromatherapy
Tammy-Lynn McNabb: Super Foods That Start With C
Tammy-Lynn McNabb: Super Foods That Start With B and C
Tammy-Lynn McNabb: Super Foods That Start With B
Tammy-Lynn McNabb: Super Foods That Start With A and B
Hannah Tinney: Massage
Hannah Tinney: Constipation
Dr. Nima Rahmany : Stress and Emotional Well Being
Dr. Nima Rahmany : Preventing Surgery
Dr. Nima Rahmany: Chiropractic (Part 2)
Dr. Nima Rahmany: Chiropractic (Part 1)
Tammy-Lynn McNabb: Male Menopause
Janet Tinney: When Should You See a Doctor?
Janet Tinney: Shoulder Problems
Dr Cobi Slater: Hormone Imbalance - Estrogen Dominance
Tammy-Lynn McNabb: Gluten Labelling


Disclaimer: All of the health material presented on this website and radio station is provided for listener interest and information only. It is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of individuals. If you have any health care related concerns, please see your physician or other qualified health care provider. Never discontinue treatment or medication without first consulting your physician, clinicians or therapists.


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